The Story

Told from a child's perspective, My Extra-Special Aunty is a celebration of the migrant domestic workers that many Hong Kong families have at their heart. The story encourages young children, families and aunties to develop mutual empathy, kindness and respect.

My Extra-Special Aunty is a heart-warming tale written by award-winning filmmaker Joanna Bowers, and featuring stunning illustrations by domestic worker artists.

All proceeds from book sales and events will be donated to local charities supporting Extra-Special Aunties! Learn more.

What makes it Extra-Special?

As Hong Kong's first children's book illustrated by migrant domestic workers, My Extra-Special Aunty celebrates the incredible talent and diversity of domestic worker artists, with beautiful scenes and diverse cultural representations from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia and more.

  • A local story, written in English and Traditional Chinese.
  • Features characters and scenes that are unique to Hong Kong families and their aunties.
  • Multiple artistic techniques used, including hand illustrations, painting and textiles.
  • Encourages young children, their families and aunties to develop healthy relationships.

Behind the story

Joanna Bowers the director of "The Helper" documentary was introduced to Guhit Kulay, a collective of Filipino migrant domestic worker artists at a screening of her film organised by the NGO Enrich. The women were creatively inspired and decided they wanted to collaborate on a project together.

Through a series of conversations they decided to tell a story to help Hong Kong families navigate the complex emotions felt by young children when the domestic worker that cares for them leaves their employment to return home to her own family.

My Extra-Special Aunty was the result of their collaboration. 

The team

Joanna Bowers


Hong Kong based filmmaker and screenwriter, Joanna produced and directed "The Helper" documentary 

Noemi Manguerra


Former migrant domestic worker, artist Noemi now lives and works in Ontario, Canada. Founding member of Guhit Kulay.

Cristina Cayat


Artist and textile designer, Cris currently lives and works in Hong Kong as a migrant domestic worker. Founding member of Guhit Kulay.

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